Hot & Nasty Streetwear

About Us

In the fall of 1998, Hot & Nasty American Streetwear was created. Today, our expert staff continue to supply retail outlets with the hottest designs. Hot & Nasty American Streetwear is designed for the biker world and all fans of hotrods, off road racing, extreme sports, stock car & drag racing. Check out our new stuff aimed for the music world & skater lifestyle. All of our stuff is created in the U.S.A. Also, our Southern California design staff is committed to the implementation of hot new designs .

Our headquarters are in the Jam Sportswear facility located in Redlands California. We are a complete manufacturing, inventory and distribution center. We are constantly searching for new retail outlets throughout the world that are interested in carrying our extensive line of products. Inquiries from possible retailers are always welcome. Our competent staff is willing to answer any of your questions and help you plan a marketing approach that will be successful in your area. Contact us at our Redlands store 909-798-4552

We hope that you visit our website for updates. Feel free to FAX us anytime at (909) 798-0703.


Mike, Jimmy, Bree and Tracy.